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★ Hard Candy Factory ★

How to Play

Hard Candy Factory is an easy to learn action/puzzle game. It starts out with several simple challenge levels that slowly build in difficulty. To get started, simply begin by playing the brief interractive tutoral available on the top menu of the iPad game.

During the tutorial, you'll learn to check the current order bar to learn which color layers should be added to your candy cores. You'll then place "Layer-Makers" for your factory to add the colors in the right order. The placement of your layer makers will depend on the obstacles for each level. And, the last layer maker will always need to be placed so that it shoots the completed hard candies into the candy collector. That's pretty much all there is to it... oh yes, and be sure to tap those pesky ghosts before they get to your candy collector. Otherwise it's game over!

Additional Help: Once you have played a few rounds, be sure to tap the "Tips & Hints" button on the top menu of the Hard Candy Factory game. That's where you will find additional info that will help you -- especially for when you get to the more advanced levels.


Get it Now! Good luck and Have Fun!

Hard Candy Factory
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