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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it difficult to learn to play Hard Candy Factory?
A: No! Hard Candy Factory has a quick and fun tutorial to teach you the basics. The game levels start out easy and slowly get harder. There is also a Tips & Hints area on the top menu of the game, for more info.

Q: Are all of the levels possible to complete?
A: Yes! Each level has been tested to be possible. Many of them can even be completed with multiple arrangements of the layer makers.

Q: I'm stuck on a level and can't get past it... Is there anything I can do to skip past it?
A: Yes. If you go to the "Upgrades" area, there is an In-App Purchase that will allow you to unlock all of the levels. Then, you can use the Freestyle menu to choose any level as your starting point, even if you have not already completed the previous level.

Q: Are all of the levels possible to complete?
A: Yes! Each level has been tested to be possible. Some of them can even be completed with more than one arrangement of the layer makers. If your candies are accepted, then just fight off the ghosts until your order is filled, and then you've got it!

Q: I added all the required color layers but my candies were rejected by the candy collector bin. Why did that happen?
A: The candies are only accepted if all of the layers are added in the correct order. Be sure you have added all the right color layers, in the correct order, and with no other additional layers. Also, double-check to be sure none of your layer-makers were destroyed by a ghost. If so, you'll need to replace them, so that all candies have all of the right color layers.

Q: Where can I get Hard Candy Factory?
A:Hard Candy Factory is only available for iPad. Using your iPad, go to the App Store and search for AppCone, LLC or click this link...

Get it Now! Good luck and Have Fun!

Hard Candy Factory
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