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ZipLine for iPad - How To Play

Learning to play ZipLine is quick and easy. The game provides basic instructions as you play. The challenges will get harder and will require additional skills as you progress through the game, but the basics below stay the same.

1. On the first Beach Challenge, you learn to start each ZipLine with your finger on the green ball. Keeping your finger on the iPad screen, drag a line across to any place on the end pole (the pole with the red ball), then lift your finger. You've just created your first ZipLine and the rider will launch automatically!

How To Play ZipLine - Image 1

2. Each time you create a new ZipLine, you can control the speed of the rider: For a faster ride, end your ZipLine lower on the end pole. For a slower, more controlled ride, end your ZipLine higher on the end pole.

How To Play ZipLine - Image 2

3. When ready, tap the iPad screen anywhere to make the rider release and drop from the ZipLine. Try to time the rider's release so that he lands in the center of the target. For many challenges, if you land close enough to the center of the target, you unlock the next challenge!

How To Play ZipLine - Image 3

4. As you play, try to hit as many of the small star targets as you can. The star targets you hit will only "count" if you land the rider on the main target. If you miss any star targets, you can always try again later -- the main menu will show you how many star targets you've hit for each challenge.

How To Play ZipLine - Image 4

That's it !   Now you're playing ZipLine !

Rewind Button and Options Menu / Pause:
There are one or more buttons in the top right-hand corner of each challenge screen (circled in purple below) . The button in the top right corner is the Options Menu button. To the left of the Options Menu button is the Rewind Challenge button -- it will appear once a challenge begins (rider in motion). You can use it to re-start a challenge manually.

How To Play ZipLine - Image 5

While the game is paused (top-right button), the Options Menu will appear as shown below...

ZipLine Options Menu

Any Questions? Try one of these options:

  • For tips and hints on a specific ZipLine challenge that you're stuck on, see the ZipLine discussion board on Facebook.

  • For general info, check out the FAQ's page on this website.

  • For questions about Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements for ZipLine, see the Game Center Info page on this website.

  • Or, send an email to and we'll be happy to assist.

Also be sure to see the ZipLine for iPad YouTube video for
a game demo and basic intructions on how to play ZipLine!

ZipLine was Developed by AppCone, LLC

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