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ZipLine for iPad - Game Center Info

ZipLine is part of Apple's Game Center. Use your existing Game Center account to keep track of your ZipLine Achievements and check the Leaderboard to see how you rank against other ZipLine players!

Note: If you don't have a Game Center account, you can play ZipLine in Guest Player mode. Game Center is free and recommended - look for the Game Center icon on your iPad for more info.

If you have a Game Center account and an Internet connection, ZipLine will report your location scores and certain achievements to Game Center for you. To see your list of Achievements and compare scores on the Game Center Leaderboard from within ZipLine, go to the Options Menu, then click the Game Center Info button...

ZipLine Options Menu Button
Game Center Info Button
Game Center
Info Button

ZipLine's Game Center Info Page

Be sure to see How To Play and Frequently Asked Questions!

Or, for tips and hints on a specific ZipLine challenge, see the ZipLine discussion board on Facebook.


ZipLine Icon

ZipLine Lite for iPad is available on the App Store

ZipLine is Available for iPad on the App Store
ZipLine for iPad

ZipLine Main Menu

ZipLine for iPad by AppCone, LLC

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ZipLine is Available for iPad on the App Store


ZipLine was Developed by AppCone, LLC

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