Planet Pipeline

★ Planet Pipeline: How to Play

Planet Pipeline is easy to learn. You simply start at the water source "Well" and tap any water pump within range. Continue tapping water pumps until you've built a pipeline all the way to the housing dormatory. Sounds easy, right? Well, of course there's a "catch" -- luckily, it's a fun one...

The "catch" is that there are many pump locations on the planet surface, so routing the pipeline to the Housing Dormatory is like moving through a maze.

Route your pipeline through the maze of water pumps!

For a higher score, try connecting the Greenhouse, Engineering Building, and/or Power Plant to your pipeline on the way to the Housing Dormatory!

What fun is a mission in space without risk, right? Be sure to watch out for bad water pumps -- they are spinning in the wrong direction and will cause a pipeline rupture if you try to connect to one!

Avoid Bad Water Pumps!

You can play Planet Pipeline at your own leisurely pace, OR, build quickly to score a higher bonus. Either way...

Enjoy Planet Pipeline and have Fun!

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