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Game Description
Maze Maker
Maze Maker Space Edition was created by AppCone, LLC
Copyright 2016 © AppCone, LLC Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.
Space Edition
Maze Maker Space Edition is fun and challenging at any age. Your character starts out lost in a maze with INVISIBLE walls. The objects you need for escape are hidden within the maze. Walls will reveal themselves as you explore. Can you find the needed objects within the maze, and then make your way back to the target before it's too late? Test your skills against the Mad Scientist, or DESIGN YOUR OWN MAZE to challenge a friend! ONE PLAYER GAME Move Hansel through the maze to find the hidden space ship keys and space ship fuel. If he can take them to the space ship, he will break free to the next level. But, watch out for the mad scientist clones! They move and hide when he moves. And, there’s a catch... each maze wall is invisible until the first time it is hit. TWO PLAYER GAME In this game, YOU are the Maze Maker. Place your maze walls, then hide the keys, fuel pellets, and space ship. Next, place your transporter bases. Then, drop Hansel somewhere in the maze. But, DON’T LET YOUR OPPONENT SEE YOUR MAZE! You will try to break free from their maze before they can break free from yours! During the game, you can even view a "spy report" to track your opponent's progress through your maze! You might want to set an alarm on your iPad because this game can be addicting! ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Learning to play is easy and fun with the interactive tutorials. - Easily make and save custom mazes to your maze database. - Select from an assortment of maze floor colors. - Transporter bases teleport Hansel from one location in the maze to another. - Two player games allow you to start from a random starter maze that you       can quickly edit -- or start from scratch with a blank starter maze.
How to Play
How To Play
The object of the game is to find the Spaceship Fuel and Spaceship Keys and take them to the Spaceship. At the start of the game, each of the items above (except the main character) is invisible/hidden within a maze. And, the maze itself starts out with invisible walls. Tap to move Hansel Hays through the maze to search for the items you need.  The walls of the maze will reveal themselves to you one-by-one as you try to move through the maze. You are penalized for hitting the walls, so try to avoid hitting walls unnecessarily. This will become easier as you expose more and more of the maze walls. In the one player game, watch out for the mad scientist clones. The clones move and hide as you move. If you watch carefully, you can usually figure out where they are hiding. If you move into a space where they are hiding, the game is over.   The two player game has the same goal: Find the Fuel and Keys, and take them to the Spaceship... The difference is that each player creates their own maze layout and hides the game items within. Then, the players take turns moving through each other's maze to see who can finish first. You can even spy on your opponent's progress through your maze during the game. Try it now... That's all you need to get started with Maze Maker! Maze Maker is easy to learn and soon you will be hooked! So, just give it a try. If you need help within the game, look for the Tutorial buttons for each main part of the game. The tutorials are easy, informative, and FUN! While in the game, be sure to try the interactive tutorials. They make learning to play fun and easy! For more info now, see the FAQs page.
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Answers to FAQs
Q: Can my iPad with Maze Maker Space Edition play the Two-Player game against an iPhone or iPod touch with the same app? A: YES! Just be sure both devices have the latest version and a Game Center account. Q: Do I need to find the fuel, keys, and spaceship in any particular order? A: No. Just explore the maze and Hansel will automatically pick up and carry the necessary objects as you find them. And, if you find the spaceship before the other items, the ship will stay visible so you can return more easily when the keys and fuel are found. Q: Do the mad scientist clones ever seek and attack? A: No! Actually, they are fairly shy. They only move and hide... So, the only way for them to "get you" is if you accidentally move Hansel into a space where they are currently hiding. Sometimes they even pass right over Hansel as they move and hide, but he will not be affected unless he moves into their current hiding space. Note: Mad scientist clones are only in the one-player game. In the two-player game, you play against a peer instead. Q: A faded white arrow shows up in each space that Hansel moves through. What are those arrows telling me? A: Those arrows are Hansel's "trail of breadcrumbs". They show the direction he was heading as he left each space he visited. They can often help him back-track more efficiently. Q: Are two devices required for the two player game? A: No. The Maze Maker app will allow two players to share one iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch for the two player game. However, the game is even more fun if each player has their own device with a purchased copy of the game.